Frequently asked Questions

How do I become a member?
Which participating lounges/outlets/attractions I can visit?
What do I do to gain access into a participating lounge/outlet/attraction?
How many number of times can I visit any lounge/outlet/attraction?
How do I know where each lounge/outlet/attraction is located?
How much does it cost to access the lounge/outlet/attraction?
What if I’m travelling with people that do not hold eligible cards/vouchers?
At airports, can I use the lounges/outlets regardless of the airline and class of travel I’m flying on?
Can I access a lounge/outlet/attraction without my card/e-voucher?
Are the participating lounges/outlets/attractions owned or managed by Véloce World?
At airports, are flight announcements made in the lounge/outlet?
Can a friend or a family member use my card/e-voucher to gain access?
What services are available at each lounge/outlet/attraction?
Is smoking allowed within the lounge/outlet/attraction?
What is an e-voucher?
I've lost the details of my e-voucher. How do I retrieve these?
What does an e-Voucher entitle me to?
If I’m at one of the participating lounges/outlets/attractions, can I combine e-vouchers and payments via card/cash?
What is the expiry date of the e-voucher?
Is my information secure on the web?
Can I update my personal information online?